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Gun Fish is a silly short game about shooting fish in people's face. It's scary at times, but mostly funny. You can easily complete it in about 5 to 10 minutes, so there's not a lot of reason not to try it.

It was made with Unity in about 2 weeks by a team of 1 awesome person. The main intent here was to quickly publish a small game jam in order to test the publishing process, but the result is a lot of fun!


  • classic first person shooter keyboard controls, arrows or wasd
  • left-click to shoot a fish
  • right-click to change weapon when you have many
  • escape for menu

What's in it

  • 1 level to explore with dynamic environment
  • Interactive glitch videos
  • 1 action shooting range with waves of weird enemies
  • A sweet selection of guns and fish
  • Physics based everything.
  • Bleeding edge next gen graphics of wow, pixels times one billion.


  • twitter : @LeHubertGames
  • blog : leHubert
  • feel free to contact me for just about anything, except death threats and insults, the world does not need more of that.

If you enjoyed playing it, please donate some money so I can release more games. Give feedback and let me know if you would want to play more of that game.


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GunFish_win64.zip 156 MB
GunFish_osx.zip 165 MB


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what's the song when the enemies come pls tell me

A neat little game where you just shoot fish at enemies for a number of rounds.  Gotta say, it was fun playing!

Hey thanks for taking the time to make this nice video. I’m glad you enjoyed it and yes, the first round was most definitely a bug! 

Gave it a go...


Hey man, thanks. I really enjoyed watching your video and appreciate the good feedback. Cheers!



FISH! GUNS! FLAMING BEARS! FISH! GUNS! FISH! FISH! FISH! Play it, love it, eat it.

Fish + guns = epic. I wanna try this!